LEGO Mindstorms ev3

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Synfig Studio Animation

Synfig Studio is a free and open source 2D vector graphics and timeline-based computer animation program.

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Rendering as a Movie
  1. In Synfig, render your animation as an .AVI file:

    • Change extension to ".avi" and leave Target as "auto"

    • Use naming convention:

      • "7A_AliciaT.avi"​

  2. Upload ".avi" file to Mrs. Trout's shared Google folder *

    • Click on button below.

    • Click on "New" and then "File Upload" (see image below)

    • Select your ".avi" file

* If your animation has sound, Synfig is not capable of rendering with the sound included. Therefore, we will need to:

  • Convert your .avi file to a .mp4 file using HandBrake (ask Mrs. Trout for help)

  • Import .mp4 and sound file into iMovie and re-export

  • Upload to shared Google folder using button below